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CAP - Consumer Assistance Program

Down-payment Assistance

Secret # 2 Down Payment/Closing Cost - you may already have enough with our assistance program!

Our in-house lender offers some special  programs in which you may already have enough funds available to purchase the home of your dreams. Fill out the form below to have someone contact you to determine if you have enough funds to get will only take 15 minutes of your time.

There are additional programs out there that our lender can assist you with:
List of Homeownership Assistance programs - we can help with these!

Secret # 3 Pre-Approved - feels like cash in your pocket!

Don't let anyone fool you as there is a huge difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved. All pre-qualified does for you when making an offer on a home is tell the seller that you may qualify for a loan if you follow certain steps.....generally in today's market this will fall way short of what the seller is looking for and they will normally reject your offer.

Now on the other hand if you have a Pre-Approved loan pending an appraisal you have the same as cash! This not only means you will have the sellers undivided attention you have a very good chance of going in and offering less than what they are asking for their home!

Secret # 4 Real Estate Agent or a Realtor - warning they are not created equal!

Don't worry if you don't know the most people do not know the difference and how it can affect your transaction! 

A real estate agent has passed the test but a Realtor has been trained in the following items:
1) Education & Experience
2) Buffers for the transaction
3) Geographical Knowledge
4) Pricing - pros and cons
5) Market/Demographics Reports
6) Professional Network
7) Negotiation skills
8) Contract knowledge
9) Handling the inspection!
10) Closings - you need representation!

Secret # 5 Offers - learn to make a KILLER offer!

You can always ask the seller what they want and give it to them..........that makes it easy! But what if you want to actually get your dream home on your terms, how do you go about that?

As you can see from the list of secrets there are many moving pieces to the purchase of a home. If you get eight of nine secrets right by yourself, count yourself lucky, but how much is it going to cost you for the missed one? Secret #5 is obviously one of the most crucial pieces and yet more times than not the buyer either attempts it themselves or sadly is misguided by an agent that doesn't have the qualifications or worst just wants the easy button to a paycheck.

There are proven techniques that increase your chances of getting your offer accepted. Don't be one of those buyers that waited for an answer to only find out their offer wasn't accepted! Give us a call today or fill out the form below so we can start helping you accomplish your dream of homeownership!

Secret # 6 Inspectors/Appraisers - are they "DEAL KILLERS"

Secret # 8 Closings - not the time to let your guard down!

Secret # 8 Moving - really?  a stress free move?

Secret #9 Celebrating - is it time? Wealth Building and Security!

Bonus: Collections - Fix Them!

Question: When a collection or another derogatory item is deleted from the credit report how much will the score increase? The answer, go figure, is that it depends. The question that should be asked is what are the factors that it depends on?

Answer: A derogatory account can weigh as little as 0 points on your credit score! But don’t get too excited because you actually don’t want your derogatory items weighing nothing. On the other side of the scale you could lose up to 175 points with more 

Collections part two:

Problem: Clients come to us all the time asking us why their collection is still showing a balance on their credit report despite the fact they paid it some time ago.

Answer: Think about it, because it’s a nice little more

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