Credit tip for Lenders Only

This credit tip is directed solely towards our precious mortgage professionals. There are many laws governing the credit restoration industry, so many in fact that there are considerable conspiracy theories that suggest that there are many mega entities out there that would really be better off if the people had no credit representation (bureaus, creditors, banks, etc.). A fun and extreme example of this is in the state of Oregon a credit restoration firm is only allowed to charge a maximum of a $100 no matter how big the client’s caseload. Good news for the Oregonians correct? Not so much...this means that they are pretty much out there fending for themselves as it costs more than a $100 to do much of anything these days. Anyways, these examples go on longer than you might care to read about. The question becomes: "Why should all our mortgage professionals care?"

We have it on very good authority that substantial numbers of Attorney Generals are currently investigating and targeting mortgage professionals and their companies, who are personally practicing credit repair without a license. This includes anywhere from simple advice to the actual work involved in repairing a consumer’s credit profile. Just like you need a license to originate a mortgage the same is true in any form of credit repair. The great news is that you don’t have to worry because we know just the people that have the correct licensing you need to fix your client’s credit and increase their scores. Now I know what you’re saying, "how convenient this is for National Credit Care." Well we can’t lie it is, but after all, this is a credit repair tip, it’s not as though we are going to report things such as the Attorney General’s next move is to have McDonalds put a fourth label on their coffee saying "we weren’t joking about the other three warnings, this coffee really could be hot, so when you spill it on your lap please don’t sue!"

No, these bureaus are not in your corner, but we are; so please call us today at 303-531-0411 or send us a quick e-mail below to get started!

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